corporate gift giving with studio50

July 22, 2013

I am starting to dream about pallets...pallets in piles, pallet boards, bits of pallets, things made from pallets... It's exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Pallet trays have been big on the menu of late and another order has just been completed and is ready for pick-up for Kings Wood Products,  a local company in the town of Paris Ont. They generously supply the studio with scrap wood for our community school makers programs and also my pallet addiction. What better item for them to gift to family, friends and business associates than a design that is made with the very material that is their bread and butter and is branded with their styling custom business logo.
Are you seeking a unique marketing tool for your company that will become a conversation piece wherever it sits, evoking curiosity and highlighting your company's branding? The pallet tray is just the ticket. Functional, responsible and durable. A pretty good cross representation I'd say. Perhaps you have someone in your life who owns their own business and is forever a struggle to buy a gift for. Here is your answer. All we require is a high resolution JPEG of the company's logo and we do the rest! Order time is 3-4 weeks.  Each custom tray with 2 transfers, leather wrapping on handles and 2 coats of MF Woodmate clear sealer is $60.00. Not one tray is identical, each featuring it's individual charm.