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the firebox

November 14, 2012 2 min read

Mishaps, if you let them, can often lead to something unexpected and wonderful...it all depends on your approach to the situation.

This firebox is a design that resulted from a mishap that happened during the construction of another piece.

There's something magical about a fireplace crackling in the evening or early morning quiet, watching the flames licking at the air while sipping a cup of comfort.  But some spaces are too small or lack the wall area for a traditional type.

Now, The Firebox fills that yearning for a fireplace... on our main floor.


The Firebox is designed with two pieces of 180 year old hand-hewn barn beams, a hand-pressed concrete trough, cradled in a welded steel base.  Each piece is separate from the other, for easy transportation and positioning.  In the concrete trough sit two pieces of tempered pieces of glass measuring 23 3/4" wide by 10" high, held in place by the river rock that fills the trough.  Three canisters of fire-gel are set amongst the stones.  Their burn-time is 3-4 hours.

A touch of the old world with a modern industrial twist. The Firebox creates warmth, provides a place to set your drink, and lets your mind wander, while allowing time to pass by for just a little bit.

A haunting song to listen too while enjoying the ambiance - "My Love", by Sia.

The dimensions of this piece are :
Total width of all 3 pieces together : 28"W (beam, concrete, beam) and 38"L
Height from floor to top of wood :13.5" plus 4" for the glass to extend above the wood height = 17.5"H

Great for both indoor and outdoor spaces The Firebox can be made to any size.

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