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studio50 RAW

April 22, 2013 1 min read

Chocolate..One of the world's favourite food.

Aromatic and crisp, full flavoured and nutty, true chocolate is exotic, nutritious and a new craft of mine that family, friends and makers who attend the studio's workshops will enjoy while relaxing after completing their project.

Chocolate was almost lost to me. I wasn't able to consume anything commercially made due to the ingredients and sugar content.

6 months ago after 20 years


That has lead me to this post about making artisan chocolate. Pure and sweetened with only maple sugar in very low doses. I was getting tired of hunting down chocolate with 85% or higher and then what I found was not always predictable...and some tasted like dirt. Very expensive dirt.

The ingredients that I use are organic, fair trade and supplied by a Canadian company.

The chocolate is raw and VEGAN!

So this weekend was spent making chocolate. The Rocher truffles have received rave reviews...and are being consumed at an alarming rate. The great thing is everyone is enjoying them! Even the kids, who are now quickly acquiring a taste for real dark chocolate. It has embodied the meaning of daily staple in our home and life.

Cacao when not cooked has very high levels of antioxidants properties and many suggest that it benefits the heart and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Who doesn't feel better after some delicious, but nutritious chocolate.

Creativity is about inspiring the senses...all of them. So know, that when we see you at one of the makers workshops we're making sure to do just that.

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