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circle or square?

July 06, 2013 1 min read

Now there's a design question that can lead to some interesting discussions.  So very, very true. Trust me.

We have been busy experimenting and playing in the studio the last few weeks.  Vacations and kids have created a new vibe that everyone is adjusting too, but change always leads to new vision, which is a good thing.

The break in workshops have allowed us some time to work on some projects that I will soon post.

But for the moment, back to the question at hand. So?

Which do you prefer?  Circle, square, or can't decide.  Perhaps both!

I'm a girl who loves her options which allows myself and the other makers opportunity to make a piece unique from any other.

 NOW, more colour pigments to choose from to dye the concrete!  Plus more mold shapes equals endless combinations... Exciting!!!

The makers joining me on July 25th will be the first to play with all the new goodies...so look for some awesome creations once they have cured and have been sealed.

This workshop is full but there is another one coming up in August on the 15 with finishing and sealing on the 20th.  The rock bottom vessel is a 2 day workshop due to the nature of the material and the time it requires to set.

Great for entertaining, gifts and for just something cool and different for the everyday at the kitchen table.

All ages are fascinated by the combination of science glass and concrete.

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