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valentine workshops part 1

February 18, 2014 2 min read

When Steve and I scheduled workshops over Valentine's weekend this year we weren't too sure what to expect.  Dust, power tools, and sand paper are not what comes to mind when you think romance! But the 2 workshops filled up and and we were thrilled to spend our valentines weekend with 2 groups of awesome folks who were ready to get dirty and create something beautiful together. Our first evening was a handle and block board workshop. Makers arrived at 7:00, received a tour of the shop and tools they would be using, and got introduced to a wide selection of domestic hardwood waiting to be turned into something unique. So with belt sanders in hand, they got started.


DSC_0579DSC_0591Once the sanding got well underway, makers moved onto the handle portion of the design.  Some used the drill press while others got a hands on lesson from Steve on how to router in handles.  When the major sanding and design work was completed everyone wiped their boards down and set them to dry. At this point we ventured inside to enjoy an amazing spread prepared by Carissa, who happens to be Steve's very talented sister, Chef and co-owner of Forever Chocolate.  Trenchers were filled with bowls of apple parsnip soup topped with apple chutney, tomato basil soup garnished with Blue Haze a blue cheese from Quebec and then smoked in Cayuga. A platter of assorted cheeses from our local cheese shop A Swiss in Paris, triple cream brie in the shape of a heart from France called Coeur de Bourgagne, Moroccan Spice from England, and Le Marechal from Switzerland spread on fresh banquettes and crostini. Last but not least we all enjoyed the decadent vegan chocolates from Forever Chocolate! 85% chocolate heartbeats, chocolate fudge topped with sea salt, chocolate dipped marzipan, rochers, and drizzle white fudge. DSC_0586DSC_0583DSC_0589 After a delicious break, the makers headed back to their benches and lightly sanded their boards.  Some utilized the wood burners and branded their boards with initials and other special markings. The boards were then wiped down and buttered with our special studio50 blend. In honour of Valentine's Day, we played "Unchained Melody" during the board buttering time, allowing our makers to channel Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in "Ghost".   Intertwining your fingers covered in beeswax and coconut oil is a close second to clay on a pottery wheel!


DSC_0598DSC_0603DSC_0597DSC_0599DSC_0616Love the INC.!DSC_0632Everyone was thrilled with their finished piece.   LOL, we love this picture !DSC_0630DSC_0631


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